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Night Stalker PRO Shooting Tripod & Ball-Head

5.0 (2 reviews)



The All-New Night Stalker PRO Carbon Fiber Shooting Tripod is everything we love about the original Night Stalker, on steroids (2x Stronger). With double the weight capacity and a beefier construction, the PRO was designed for the ultimate, most solid platform the industry has ever seen in such a lightweight, compact package. The removable camouflage shoulder pad makes carrying the PRO a breeze with rifle attached! Standing, sitting, kneeling or even prone. All the versatility and ultimate stability you’d expect from a PRO. **** NIGHT STALKER PRO TRIPOD & BALL-HEAD only. RIFLE REST sold separately**** 

Night Stalker PRO Tripod:
Made of high quality carbon fiber, durable and sturdy.
Approx 27″ when folded with Ball-Head, 23″ without Ball-Head
3 sections for height adjustment, the max height up to 66″
Lowest shooting height 11″
Quick lock system to securely lock the legs.
Camouflage foam-padded legs for comfortable gripping. (the foam-pad can be removed)
Hook to hang weight like backpack and digital game call, etc.
The maximum diameter of the tripod is 40mm, giving it exceptional strength for heavy duty work.
Non-slip rubber feet, snow/mud baskets and steel spike feet to prevent from slipping in different environments.

Night Stalker PRO-Ball Head:
All-around 44mm rotational ball plate, allows shooting from all angles.
Level adjustment knob with tension screw and 360°dial, convenient for panoramic shooting.
Quick release plate with anti-sliding rubber to avoid equipment sliding down.
Lock design, you can remove the quick release plate easily.
Quick release plate with 1/4″ screw. (Arca-Swiss Style)
Three built-in bubble levels.

Night Stalker Tripod:
Color: Black/Camouflage
Material:  Carbon Fiber
Max Diameter-40mm
Folded Height-23″
Folded Height with Ball-Head-27″
Max Height-66″
Minimum Height-11″
Quick release plate size-2.75″ x 1.73″
Max Load-66lbs
Total Unit Weight-7.3lbs
Package Size-30.5″x6.5″x6.5″
Package Weight-8.5lbs

Package list:
1 * Tripod with Ball-Head
1 *Camouflage Shoulder Pad
1 * Carrying bag
1 * Hexagon bolt
3 * Steel Spike Feet
3 *Snow/Mud Baskets


Customer Testimony:

I have to tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me about this PRO. I also want to thank you and your staff for the fast response on delivery once your shipment came in. Don't deal with people like that very often. Sending it to the Standing Rock Reservation while I was hunting to give it a TEST. Worked Great. I love the bench out at 2 and 3 hundred yd's because my partner and I are always keeping score. He used the bench against my PRO you sent me. He and I shot 50 rounds each once I got use to it. He was nervous almost to the end. He only won  46 to 43 bench vs  PRO. I am very HAPPY.  Practice on prairie dogs. Song Dogs Beware. P.S. NEVER SHOT OFF A TRIPOD THAT SOLID

Additional information

Weight 10.3 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 7 × 7 in

2 reviews for Night Stalker PRO Shooting Tripod & Ball-Head

  1. jhenleyx5 (verified owner)

    Look no further. I just got mine delivered yesterday and I was immediately amazed at the size of the carbon fiber legs on this beast. This is my first tripod but I did a ton of research before spending big money on a nice tripod. I almost payed $1400 for a shooting tripod but my conscience made me look a little harder. There had to be something good that wasn’t so expensive. A Google search later and Bam! Night Stalker Pro for $499. The description was worth the risk. DANG! This this is made for shooting heaven rifles, Not cameras. Bad to the bone! The ball head THAT IT COMES WITH is very high quality. Seriously heavy duty and locks up solid. I have a couple match rifles that weigh a little over 20 lbs and I lean into it a little when shooting and it never slips when locked into place. I’m super impressed with how beefy the legs and hardware are. The best value out there by a long shot. It comes with a mice bag. Humongous spikes for the feet. And baskets for snow, like you’d find on ski poles. Great Value!!!

  2. jerryrenegarcia1966 (verified owner)

    First of all, I want to thank the customer representative of Night Goggles for taking the time and calling to verify the purchase of and expecting the shipment of the Night Stalker PRO Tripod. It’s rare that companies take the time to make sure people did order items that where offered, so 5 Stars for that and to them.
    Now I am using some of the descriptors to give my personal review:

    1.) Night Stalker PRO Tripod – Overall a FANTASTIC piece of equipment. Once I setup the tripod at the range, the Night Stalker look exactly like what I wanted it to look like.

    2.) Made of high-quality carbon fiber, durable and sturdy – Once you pick up the tripod you can FEEL the quality of the Night Stalker. Knowing that the tripod is heavy, you know it is going to last a very long time. The fact that it is heavy gives it a plus in stability, unless of course you truly abuse the tripod. While I was firing my 30-06, I didn’t feel that the tripod could not handle the recoil. I never felt it was going to fall to one side or another. It continued to feel sturdy as I fired my rifle.

    3.) Sections for height adjustment – Before firing my rifle, I did check to see how the tripod felt with at least two sections out. I was not worried about the third section, since the first two locked tightly. Word of caution, do each leg separately and by sections, you might forget to tighten one section by accident if you don’t want an accident occur.

    4.) Lowest shooting height 11″ – In the prone position, I felt that I needed a little more support on my chest, not because of the tripod, but because I am a shorter person, but once I adjusted myself the tripod felt very, very comfortable. The ball head attachment is a bit too tall for me, but no biggie. Obviously, the tripod became a winner since the legs really/amazingly didn’t get in my way to shoot. I enjoyed the fact that I can hold onto one of the tripods legs and still focus on my target without worrying if the other two legs will kick up.

    5.) Quick lock system to securely lock the legs – Like I said earlier, the quick lock is fantastic, but make sure you lock each section one at a time to make sure one won’t slide in by accident.

    6.) Ball Head – No Problems with the ball head. I attached the MOD 7 Hogg Saddle to the ball head and worked perfectly. Although, it was feeling a bit tight when I began attaching the items together, but that’s probably the result of the ball head being brand new.

    7.) Camouflage foam-padded legs for comfortable gripping – Padding that was included was fine, but unless you hit yourself with one of the legs, you probably will never really need it.

    8.) Hook to hang weight like backpack and digital game call, etc. – Is a great piece of the tripod, but more than likely I will use it to hold more weight if I decide to fire something greater than a 30-06.

    9.) Non-slip rubber feet, snow/mud baskets and steel spike feet to prevent from slipping in different environments – The rubber feet are tremendous add-on. At the range, the floor was made of rough cement texture, so the grip that the rubber feet had on the cement was good. Good enough, that the rifle was hard press to move. I did not have a chance to test it on the dirt area of the range, but by the looks of it should be the same as the rough texture of the cement since there are many rocks in the dirt.

    Overall, I like the tripod and if I can I purchase another sometime in the future, I will. I do recommend this to whoever wants a FANTASTIC piece of shooting equipment. Hopefully, if I can re-edit this review, I want to compare it to an RRS (Really Right Stuff) Tripod and see the differences between the two.

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