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TNVC Base Jump Lanyard

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NVG Retention Lanyard

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TNVC not only sells kit; they also design and manufacture kit for law enforcement, military and night hunters.  Drawing from their years of experience in these communities, they are always looking for innovative ways to solve problems.   When a void exists, they fill it with an innovative, high quality solution.  Keeping with this tradition, we are proud to offer the TNVC Base Jump Lanyard.

TNVC started with the premise that the OPS Core Base Jump Helmet is one of the best available platforms for form, fit and function.  However, due to the molded-in shroud, an operator cannot use a retention lanyard device to catch their ultra-expensive NVG’s, in the event the mount disengages from the helmet.

Unfortunately we have seen some DIY projects that advocate drilling holes and installing bolts through the helmet itself.  Not only are these practices not approved by the manufacturer, voiding any warranty, they produce a danger to the wearer.  In a ballistic helmet, these holes violate the structural integrity of the helmet and aid in the degradation of the ballistic fibers inside.  In non-ballistic helmets, structural integrity can also be compromised and, placing a metal bolt where it might contact the head in a hard blow, well…you get the picture.

Due to the Ops Core Base Jump Helmet’s extreme popularity among professional and commercial users, we recognized a need for a simple, efficient, and cost-effective lanyard.  The design also had to be intuitive and require no modification to the helmet.  The TNVC Base Jump Lanyard utilizes an off-the shelf Wilcox Retractable Lanyard (a popular, battle-proven, milspec device) threaded over a milspec webbing/ hook & loop strap.  The strap ends are fed through the existing forward vent holes of the Base Jump Helmet and secured by the hook patches on the inside of the helmet.  The double-sided micro hook/loop straps allow the Ops Core pads to be placed right over them without losing any adhesion.  The retractable lanyard is secured tightly against the helmet shell and provides a very secure, low-profile NVG retention platform.

Our materials meet current Mil-Spec standards, right down to the thread used in the stitching.  Best of all, the TNVC Lanyard is made in their facility, in America, by Americans.

Compatible with the Ops Core Base Jump, Team Wendy LTP, and the PT Bravo helmets.

Manufacturer: TNVC
Weight: 0.50 oz.
Materials: Polymer Lanyard Assembly, 17337 Nylon Webbing, Bonded Nylon Milspec Thread, Dual-Sided Micro Velcro
Cord Length: 13″
Breakaway: 9-12 lbs Resistance
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

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Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in


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